Thursday, January 17, 2008

Can't we just like kick this old school. You know, like I stick the baby in a basket, send it your way, like Moses and the reeds?

So it's been quite a while since my last update. I was hoping against hope to get artwork completed, spent some money and a lot of time making sure the digital template for my control panel was correct.

Unfortunately artwork is not happening anytime soon.

So I started to continue assembly on the cabinet, and it turned out I misplaced the mounting equipment for the coin door. (Whoops?)

Some paypal money to divemaster127 from the BYOAC forums, a few weeks of impatiently waiting and I'm back in business.

Hard to believe these little guys held me up a few weeks.

Installed some buttons, and the trackball mounting plates.

Coin door in the process of being installed.

Coin door installed, finally

Coin mechs in place.

You can see how the clips hold the coin door in place.

Unfortunately another snag when I attached the coin box. Turns out one of the wood frame pieces blocks the door from closing with the coin box attached. So I relocated the frame piece.

Red LED lights installed in place of the stock bulbs. Wasn't sure which polarity to go with, turns out I got it correct on my first try.

12v power on the top (+) and ground on the bottom (-). Since I'm just using a spool of yellow 18 gauge wire for various components, I put some black electrical tape to identify ground.

Without a tripod, it's difficult to take pictures of the coin door with the lights, but it looks sweet.

Trackballs, joysticks and buttons installed. I have more pictures of more assembly, but it's late and I'm tired.